Our Story

Zetlin Strategic Communications’ story is one of adventure, innovations and firsts.  We started with an idea—that government agencies and corporations could better leverage the power of their information—and a mission— to help clients manage the one realm over which they exercise the least control—public perception and influence

We began in 1986. Zetlin forged its legacy of strategic communications with a sole maxim: that effective issues management meant developing a message that resonated across all constituencies: from grassroots, to customers to the political and regulatory players.  With this approach, Zetlin laid the foundation for what was unheard of then, and is now called pubic engagement.

Since then Zetlin has provided strategic counsel that helps our clients meet their goals in the most cost-effective and timely manner.  Alongside our commitment of purpose has been innovation of process.  Among the new concepts devised by Zetlin (many of which are now standard procedures):  framing the message in a compelling story; a tracking procedure that allows for spotting trends in public opinion; televised, then webcast town meetings; providing portals that allow clients to have constructive conversations directly with their audience; using games and new-style, participatory workshops to heighten participation while reducing conflict.

As our firm turns 32 years old, we remain committed to delivering winning results for our clients.  We continue to develop new products and platforms to reach tech-savvy audiences. But we will also devise the means to reach the individual, to ensure all constituents hear our clients’ clear message – whether they are on off the digital grid.   

This is our commitment – and our brand – to set the bar high for strategic communications to provide our clients peace of mind.