Our games – interactive and innovative tools of public engagement – elicit information in highly sensitive circumstances.

Chinatown Curbside Management Study


Engaging an insular community with long held history of being difficult to attract to meetings requires a special touch.  To help NYCDOT accomplish this, Zetlin enlisted the help of a local organization and together they crafted an executed a series of small workshops that featured games rather than presentations.  These were brought to where the community already met such as adult education classes, community centers, business group meetings and senior centers.

Bus Rapid Transit Visioning Workshops


Introducing a new transit concept to New Yorkers can be both fun and frustrating, Zetlin took this opportunity to turn the average workshop on it's head and create a new way.  These innovative workshops became the standard for NYCDOT and other city agencies. 

Intercity Bus Study

Continuing it's long and mutual beneficial history with NYCDOT, Zetlin crafted workshops to help guide rule making procedures for the exploding intercity bus market.