Our data collection and evaluation for planning projects and studies are key to achieve comprehensive results and community support. Using these metrics, Zetlin can analyze how a client communicates with it's audience and can improve on their communication skills.

North Shore Alternatives Analysis


Working hand-in-hand with New York City Transit, Zetlin harnesses it's knowledge of Staten Islanders to create a public involvement programs to examine options for the abandon rail right-of-way on Staten Island's North Shore.

West of Hudson Regional Transportation Study


Zetlin aided MetroNorth Rail Road in soliciting community input on a better connection to Stewart Airport by transit and to increase transit options west of the Hudson River in New York State.

Downtown Mineola Revitalization


As Long Island Railroad sought to redesign and enhance their Mineola Station, Zetlin was brought on board to help LIRR find out from the local community what enhancements would help revitalize their local downtown area.